Jumping from an airplane…huh?



I am usually NOT a risk taker. I gleefully sit on the sidelines watching my friends and family have “really cool” and courageous experiences. When I was young, I had experiences, but was too naïve to see how crazy or outrageous the task was. As I am older, I am very aware.

I did not believe that I would like skydiving. Me--dropping out of a perfectly good plane? This did not make sense to me. When my husband suggested that we try this together, I thought he had lost his mind! I imagined that I’d be the loving wife who would watch him jump, (but from the ground) even though I told him I would jump with him. I polled many of my friends who had already gone skydiving, but didn’t tell me, and all said how much fun it really was.

I decided to “take the plunge” and try not to think too much about it!  I had a blast! After the two seconds of terror, I coasted with the gentle wind for 20 minutes. I could feel the sky gently gliding me to the ground. I did feel pockets of turbulence, but, it was manageable. I landed safely and was proud of myself for doing it.

20+ years later, I am about to metaphorically jump out of that plane again. I have been a part-time high school senior and events photographer for the past four years. I am read to take this love of photography and creating positive and happy memories for my clients to the next level. No longer will I be the loving wife or friend watching from the sidelines. I want to be engaged in the conversations and doing the work!