Parents of High School Seniors...Join Snapchat

San Luis Obispo Senior photographer

I know my High School Senior students reading this are probably screaming,”Nooooooooo!!!!!!”, but hear me out. It’s amazing how quickly teens gravitate to new social media. Facebook began in 2004. What used to be the most popular social media platform for teens has lost its title. The newest social media app that teens prefer is Snapchat. Snapchat was established in 2014. Since 2015,  Snapchat has become the social media app of choice to High School students. So, why should YOU join Snapchat? Here are four reasons why I think parents should join:

1.    It only records 10 seconds at a time

Snapchat is a casual way to share your experiences or thoughts for 10 seconds per segment in “real time” video. If you use the “My Story” option located in the upper left corner, this will combine all of your 10 second segments into one Story. It is fun to view all of the experiences you explored and shared in 24 hours!

2.   Be yourself

People who view your Snap story want you to be yourself. The more authentic you are, the more people appreciate what you have to say and share. My daughters told me that my Snap stories are enjoyable because it shows how funny I am. I thought I was “cool”, but they made me realize that is not me. I accept being funny during my snaps.

3.    You determine who can view your chats

You choose to make your Snapchat private or public. You also determine (unlike Facebook) WHO should see your chats. If you only want your immediate family to see it, you can pick specifically who is able to watch it and who isn't.

4.    It’s only available for 24 hours

If you are embarrassed by what you said or did, the videos are only viewable for 24 hours. You also have the option to go into your story and delete it.

If your High School Senior should book his/her Senior portraits with Renoda Campbell Photography, he/she will have the option to create a “Snapchat Takeover” so that friends and family can see the fun we had during their session using my account.

I hope this blog gave you insight on this fun and new social media app. My Snapchat code (aka my name on the app) is renodac. You can also take a photo of the above picture on your phone and when you open the Snapchat app, go to the Add Friends section. The app will open up your images and the photo will scan directly into your account.

Feel free to take a look at mine and follow me. Happy chatting!