Halls + Budak | Multicultural Wedding Reception | Intimate Wedding Photographer | Lompoc, CA

I love all weddings and receptions especially when they add a multicultural addition to the details. The couple were married in Turkey, but this event was the U.S. wedding reception with close family and friends.

In the details, a part of Turkey was brought to Lompoc, CA. There were beautiful images of where they met and where were married in Turkey. There were beautiful Turkish cloths and candles, a special family handkerchief used during the dance, and pictures in frames of family members living in Turkey who could not attend.  The Turkish food was made from scratch for all to enjoy and the dessert--many variations of Baklava. So delicious. I tried baklava with chocolate for the first time!

The couple danced, and friends and family celebrated with them. Instead of the tradition of throwing rice, the group threw very light pompons. Another colorful touch.

As a San Luis Obispo intimate wedding photographer, photographing such a colorful cultural celebration was really enjoyable. I believe it’s important to incorporate your culture into your celebrations. It gives guests a chance to celebrate commonalities, learn new traditions and the world seems a little smaller with family all over the world. Congratulations to the happy couple!