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Having a small  portrait photography business, one of my goals was to work with other small businesses to enhance their visual images for their social media and websites.

I was fortunate enough to partner with a company in Texas to pursue this part of my business. Now don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy senior portrait photography, family photography, special events photography and Intimate weddings|elopement photography, but also enjoy working with small businesses, like me.

This work started slow. I received jobs once a month, but now, this business photography has gained some traction. One of my photography sessions was with Carats to Karat in Nipomo, CA. Mary, one of the owners, was just as I imaged: creative, colorful, and LOVES jewelry (more than me!) In her store, there are two stacker rings one all diamonds, and one diamond and ruby that I hope to purchase  “someday”.

Jewelry Photography was challenging, but it made me think differently about how to present product images, and I felt empowered. In addition to jewelry photography, you will see other small businesses in the San Luis Obispo area featured.  If you are a small business in San Luis Obispo County, Let’s collaborate!

My Three Symbols of Gratitude / Lifestyle photographer / Renoda Campbell Photography / San Luis Obispo, CA

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." 

--Robert Brault

My new business office is my amazing secret place. I am humbled and excited every time I enter the room.  I appreciate the large and majestic trees standing guard outside of my window. I love my 11 foot window bringing in beautiful light, and showing the nature outside. The space is a nurturing environment; it welcomes all who enter. As I work there I hear (quietly) enjoy your time here, and show your gratitude to those whom you encounter.

The image below represents the three items on my office window sill that I am grateful:

The cameras. The camera to the right, the Canon FTb was my father’s favorite camera made in the 1970s. He owned over 100 film cameras, but this one was his “go to” camera. My dad played a major role in my love for all things photography. I honor him in this space as I work my photography business.

The camera to the left, an Agfa Optima II S from the early 1960s was given to me by a former colleague and student who loved his camera collection, but couldn’t travel with all of his treasures due to his relocation to the East coast. I look at this camera and I see the legacy of image historians.

The orchid brings the nature inside. Its beauty is simplistic and classic, in looks and in maintenance. It only needs shaded light and to be watered once a week.

These items represent me, keeper of the past, knowing that you must know your past to move forward to the future, being simplistic and classic in the manner that I do my work and hopefully live my life and providing service with a purpose as a lifestyle photographer in San Luis Obispo.

Find that special place that helps you find what you are grateful for and manifest that gratitude. Make sure others know how special they are to you, including mother nature.